Why Introspection Is Necessary for Success

The debate on the captioned subject seems to be quite relevant in the present scenario where everyone striving for success by hook or crook.

So far as introspection is concerned, Introspection comes into play in "Know what you know, know what you don't know, and know who knows what you don't know" and "When things are going really well you've probably missed something. " Introspection is valuable, important, and perhaps even critical to successful life and career both. The debate on why introspection is necessary and how self assessment and understanding of self and feedback can assist in correctly perceiving and defining Success in individual contexts or the group contexts would facilitate deliberations on learning learn how to do take experiences and more efficiently get a better result.

Being self aware is an important aspect of humanity that can benefit us in every endeavor. When we are self aware, or know ourselves, we're better able to understand others and find broader perspectives on our experiences. The type of introspection necessary to be self aware can also help us in our work and careers. Do you know what you want? Knowing what you want is one of the most important lessons to learn through introspection. Most of us approach this question through a process that is more about elimination of what we don't want than being specific about what we do want. However, in your career it is very important to know what you truly want to be doing.

If you can't define what you want from a career you may be launched on a path of trial and error. Perpetuating the experimentation involved with a search for what you want is like always taking two steps backward before you go forward. Spend some time organizing your thoughts about how you feel about your work and what you want to do. Once you've determined what you want you'll stop wasting time in jobs that get you no closer to your goals.

Do you let other people influence you in your choices? If we get to know ourselves we stand a much greater chance of being true to ourselves and doing what's best for us. Being ambivalent about who you are leaves you open to the influences of others. Others may be giving you messages about what they think you should be doing with your career that really is not in the best interest of what you want.

Taking the time for introspection and getting to know yourself will help you in your professional relationships. Becoming self aware is the way to better understand how alike most of us are. The insight you gain from self awareness will help you communicate with others from a broader perspective. Better communication means better working relationships and freer collaboration. Improving your team building skills through better communication will help you go forward in your career.

Making an effort to look within and know who you really are will help you in all aspects of your career. Knowing what you want and gaining a broader perspective on your working relationships will capitalize on your skills and direct you towards better career choices. In this way, introspection can result in greater career success.

Renuka S Nifadkar

Assistant Professor (Finance, HR)

Sinhgad Institute of Business Administration & Research, Pune.

Source by Renuka S Nifadkar

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