Why Is Digitization of OOH India The Need of The Hour?

OOH India or Outdoor Advertising in India has been the preferred mode of advertising for a long time now. Premier brands have stayed faithful to OOH, especially Airport Advertising in India, in spite of the onslaught of online media. However, it is high time that OOH India takes notice of the technological upgrades that are taking place in the world of communication and reacts swiftly to it. Some of the strongest reasons which make the digitization of OOH a must in the present hour have been discussed in this article.

Higher Growth Rate of Online Media

A FICCI-KPMG report places the growth rate of OOH in India at 6% in 2013 while same figures read 38.70% for digital advertising. This vast difference in growth rates mean if OOH in India does not take the path of digitization soon, it runs the risk of being overrun by the online media. Another fact, which validates the urgency of this required upgrade, is that the young audiences are increasingly becoming attracted to the mediums which use the latest technology.

Higher Scope for Interaction

Digitization of OOH in India will take the levels of brand-consumer interactions to whole new levels. This, added to the high impact of the larger than life OOH Displays, will increase the opportunities of creating 360 degree OOH Campaigns. While OOH Hoardings, Wall Mounts, etc., have always been one of the top devices of commanding the attention of the audience, digitization will allow for direct interaction between the audience and the brand display.

More in the Same Space

Digitalized OOH Boards and Hoardings provide easier opportunities of displaying more than 1 creative in the same campaign and at the same site. Traditionally, the process of changing the display is a process which requires much resource. This is why the changes are usually made only at the end of the campaigns. With Digital OOH Boards, the changes in creatives can be done with the click of a mouse or even automatically.

Imparts Urgency

A digitized OOH Campaign can be connected to the personalized devices, of the audiences, like mobile phones, laptops, etc. This enables the brand to impart urgency of action with action messages. This also does a world of good to the brand retention rate.

Improved Consumer Relationship

Modern promotional campaigns target building of a consumer relationship. The "attract-and-sell" attitude no longer works in markets full of options. A digitized OOH can be a much stronger step in that direction. Long term conversations with the target audiences build a better atmosphere of trust leading to higher growth in the numbers of returning consumers.

A Global Phenomenon

The majority of the western countries have already gone for complete digitization of the OOH Media. The high increase in impact of such displays can be easily seen while viewing the few instances of digitization in OOH in India. Indian OOH needs to soon incorporate complete digitization if it wants to continue impressing foreign audiences even in the future.

OOH Advertising Agencies in India are eagerly expecting the upgrade of the OOH Display Boards at a much larger scale. The industry is hoping for support of the concerned authorities in ensuring that the speed at which OOH India moves towards digitization can be increased. Changes in the infrastructure, where these sites occur, are necessary for digitization. Fast approvals for such changes would put the process of digitization on the fast track.

Source by Shailender Singh

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